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Getting to know Myhill Marketing - Independent Digital Agency

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

An interview with Ashley Myhill

of Myhill Marketing

We wanted to carry out a short interview with Ashley to answer some of the more commonly asked questions.

Question, Who’s running Myhill Marketing?

Answer, The company is owned and operated by me Ashley Myhill.

Question, Why have you started a digital marketing agency?

Answer, Myhill marketing was born from my love of connecting with people from across the globe and creating as many links as I can so when I visit a new place there is someone to show me around.

That love of connecting with people lead me to freelance work as a digital marketer and social media manager, I have since then started my own independent company to help facilitate the marketing of more people.

Question, Does every business need a digital marketer?

Answer, If a company is turning away customers and not wanting to expand then no, but if a business is looking to become more widely known and increase sales I would strongly advise getting a digital marketer to generate new customers and boost revenue.

Question, Why should we use you over a competitor?

Answer, As we are a small independent company with varied experience many brands and businesses we understand how to get the best results!

We also only work with a limited amount of clients to ensure high quality and standards.

Question, How much does your service cost?

Answer, We offer anything from just scheduling posting on social media for organic reach to a full-service marketing package. Each client has a personalised marketing plan created depending on their individual needs.

Prices vary so it's best to book a discovery call and get a quote.

Question, How do we book a discovery call?

Answer, Submit the contact form at or contact us on social media.

Please let us know if we have missed anything you would like to know, feel free to contact us by clicking here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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